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Tam Visas 15 May 2019

Changes to Australian visas in 2019

The Australian government has introduced some changes to different migrant visas that Australia offers including student visas.


  1. Student visas

When applying for a student visa, the Australian government now requires applicants to prove that they have more than $20,000 AUD in their bank account. These funds are to show that you can support yourself during your study as there is a limit on working hours, to 40 hours per fortnight.

To bring a partner on a student visa is an additional $7,100 and an additional $3040 per child you bring.

  1. Entrepreneurs

Special for South Australia only: A new visa aimed at entrepreneurs who have a new and original idea which they would like to turn into a business. The only requirement is a business plan and an average IELTS band of 5.0

  1. Matching tax records 

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is going to beging matching the tax records to salaries of people who are sponsored by their employers. This is to ensure that migrants are being paid enough money, as in the past it has been found that some companies have underpaid employer-sponsored migrants.

  1. Temporary sponsored parent visa

Australian citizens and permanent residents will be able to bring their parents from overseas to Australia. Parent visas come in two forms. A three year one for $5,000 or a five year one for $10,000. Visas are renewable, however, only valid for a maximum of 10 years.

  1. Longer processing time for partner visas

It will now take longer for an Australian citizen’s partner to be granted a visa with changes due to the Family Violence Bill. This is to ensure that applicants are of good character and don’t have a history of domestic violence.

For more information on visas, visit the Department of Home Affairs website. 

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