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DE Students Students 30 May 2019

Melbourne International Student Conference 

by Marcela Cisternas


I was thinking that leaving my whole life in Chile for a change in my mind, keeping myself focused on my goals and taking all the opportunities that the universe offered me could be a little self-centered. Many times I postposed this decision for other things not only in my daily life, but also in my career. When I finally decided to come to Australia, my expectation was to discover a new world for my life. I was not sure what would happen, but I felt confident of my decision and I took this big risk.

Now in Australia I have had to make myself resilient and adaptable. This opportunity permitted me meet with many interesting and lovable people who have taught me different ways of how I can develop my career, improving my knowledge in a new language environment.

Attending Melbourne International Student Conference was a great opportunity to show me how in Australia I can develop my career, even though I felt surprised that the lecturers talked about many things which I already know, this is thanks my study of a bachelor’s degree in design. The most interesting topic to me was developing a strategic plan of personal goals. I created many strategic plans while I used to work in Chile as a Manager in tourism and also a project manager, but never put it in practice it with my aims of life. This was a strange situation to me, because it was simply something which I to create before, nowadays permit me clear my thinks about my future.

What will happen now? I do not know yet, but I can give the same advice that I received in Melbourne International Student Conference:

Be curious and adaptable, try stuff, know it is a process, reframe problems, ask for help, meet a lot of people and be involved in networking, taking time out of your busy life and think about the following questions:

  • What do you want?
  • How will you get it?
  • Who can assist me in this process?

Finally, the most important advice, you do something that makes yourself happy every day and believe in yourself.

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