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Ana Jimena Students 12 Sep 2018


I don't know what to do after my English course!

By: Ana Jimena Hernandez

You finished high school, you decided to travel overseas and learn English, and once you're done with it, it's high time you thought about your professional future. It's not easy to make such an important decision, and it is normal that you need time to think about all the options and possibilities you have.

Many people have an enduring dream and clear life objectives; however, many students have not yet decided what to study. Some of them have already done it for the wrong reasons, perhaps family pressure, or social reputation, or maybe money and they just want to change the path and start over.

The truth is that feeling a genuine passion for something and thinking about developing it as a career could make it easier to achieve a prosperous future. But if you still don´t know what you want or are hesitating about it, we think that this might be a good chance to decide.

It's not about having a university career to satisfy a social requirement; the vocation is something that goes beyond that. When we decide to follow a path such as a job for the future, the main goal should be to make a dream come true.

Whether you want to be a musician or a doctor, maybe a lawyer or a writer, the reality is that more and more people are doing what they really like and when people thrive at it, life flows smoother in many ways.

This post has been written to help you make decisions. We collect some relevant aspects that you should definitely keep in mind, and that will undoubtedly give you some of the answers.

1.    What things do you enjoy the most?

Have you thought about it? Make a list of all the things you really love to do and then try to match them up with possible career choices. Allow yourself to dream. Don't put limits on what you dream. Everything counts, everything is possible, but you must aim to reach the objective.

2.    What are you good at?

If the dream is big and genuine, you can become the best, even if it is something you are not very good at. However, you also can develop that talent that's inherent to you. There are skills we have had since the day we were born, although it takes some time for them to surface, and that may be a good sign to follow the right path. Recognize what you are good at and take advantage of it.

3.    What kind of work environment do you see yourself working in?

Do you like office work or you prefer working outdoors? Do you enjoy having a fixed schedule or you like it more when you have flexibility? Your personality can help you decide, sometimes you can sense when some things are not for you. Maybe because they seem to be boring or too adventurous. Trusting your guts is a useful tool to help you make the right decision.

4.    Gain some work experience.

You could start a "research project" to find what you like by applying as a volunteer in areas related to your personal interests. This way, you'll know if you're on the right track and you'll also get the experience you need to get started. If you are a Discover English student, you can even apply to be a student Ambassador. You'll gain lots of professional experience in a multicultural team while you also help other international students feel better while in Australia!

5.    Imagine your future.

Make a list of possibilities and begin to recognise which one of them excites you the most, identify which ones make you smile, which ones make your heart beat faster, which ones you think are perfect for you. Sometimes writing it down works. So, do it calmly, invest as much time as you need and write your ideas.

6.    Search for options.

Do you distinguish all the possibilities you might have? Find out what careers exist in the specific area that you want. Find the best university, analyse the content of the classes, the teachers' method, the place and atmosphere. Do you want to improve your English? The options are endless, and your decision will make the difference in the way you live this experience.

Your happiness is the most important thing, and if you do what you like, the chances of being successful are very high. Remember our previous post? Believe in yourself and in everything you are capable of doing. Dream big and pursue that dream!


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