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Ana Jimena Students 05 Sep 2018

Believe. Everything is possible!

By: Ana Jimena Hernandez

Sometimes we wake up feeling powerful and invincible. Some days instead are less fun, and the world seems to be falling on us. Although it sounds absurd, both things are normal, it means that you are alive, and you are a human and not some alien who was abandoned on Earth.

However, the idea is to keep a balance. Step by step, life is teaching us something, and it is part of the learning process to experience different emotions and to have moments of mental clarity.

Anything can be solved if you believe in yourself.

In a previous post, we talked about the best way to face challenges, and we mentioned the most powerful weapon, the faith in ourselves. Now let's be more specific with this. Because when we allow fear win, we can get to experience uncomfortable sensations of loneliness and hopelessness. Life tests us many times, now, for instance, we are here in a foreign country, experiencing new things almost every day and sometimes we are not ready to face them all. However, it is possible to do so, there are many alternatives and smiling is always one of them.

According to Mexican blogger Tania Sanz, "lack of confidence can limit the potential you have, and it becomes an obstacle to achieving what you want, but the good news is that to stop feeling afraid and gain more confidence is a skill that is learned and trained (there is scientific evidence behind this)."

So, think about this, do you have any idea of how you would like to live your life? Do you know what you want? Do you recognise your skills and talents? You must start by identifying those aspects that make you different and unique. No one is like you, and you are not like anyone else, and that is great, it is what gives meaning to life, and those are your tools to conquer the future you want to achieve.

Famous American media executive Oprah Winfrey went through many hard circumstances before being the person she is now, and one of her most inspiring quotes is this: “Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness”.

When you believe in yourself, you know that you can achieve anything, no matter how many people tell you contrarily.

1.         Modify your negative thoughts


Your brain does not understand the jokes or your moments of weakness. You can program it how you want. We know that it is not so easy, but it is not impossible either, it is to try to start thinking positively, it is the best way to make everything flow wonderfully.

2.         Do not pay attention to those who attempt to discourage you


Unfortunately, human beings develop some resentment when they see that others are able to overcome their fears.  Many people are going to try and bring you down to avoid feeling bad about themselves because they do not have the courage that you have. Help them to believe in themselves, but do not let them take your faith away from you.

3.        Think of obstacles as learning tools


Life doesn't always run smoothly, but if it did, it would be incredibly dull. Although at first, adverse situations can overwhelm you, take some time to analyse them, and you will know what lesson you should learn from them. That moment of revelation is priceless.

4.        Say goodbye to fear and trust in the signals


When something does not happen, it was probably better that way. Life is showing you the right path from situations or people that work as signals. However, remember that if you feel fear it will not be possible to see them clearly because fear will make them invisible to you.

Whenever you feel anxiety or anguish, take some time to breathe deeply and try to look at yourself from outside. Analyse everything you have achieved according to your own life experience and transform that feeling of anxiety into excitement. You're here, it's not easy, but you've made it, so start by acknowledging how valuable you are, and your mind will take it in as well. Do not refuse to feel, because behind every sentiment there is a lesson for life.


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