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Discover English Out and About , Social , Melbourne 02 Apr 2015

Here in Australia, we don't have an Easter bunny... we have an Easter Bilby!

What is a bilby? 

It's a small Australian animal that, like kangaroos and koalas, keeps its babies in a pouch on its stomach. It's very cute and furry, but unfortunately these days there are very few bilbies left in the wild! That's because of the foxes and rabbits brought over from Europe. Now, in Queensland for example, there are only 600 left!

To try to save the bilby, chocolate makers around Australia sell bilby-shaped sweets around Easter and donate some of the profts

If you want to buy an Easter Bilby, check out these shops:

Haigh's (several locations in Melbourne)

Pink Lady chocolates (available online and in Huntingdale)

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