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Ana Jimena Out and About , Melbourne 04 Oct 2018

6 wonderful things to do in Melbourne to welcome Spring!

By: Ana Jimena Hernandez

Finally, the city begins to warm up, and those of us who live in Melbourne enjoy the colours of spring. Even though we know the weather in this city is unpredictable, Spring's arrival is exciting. Many things happen in this season - our mood changes, and we feel more energetic, there's a beautiful blue sky and the sunshine enables us to make plans outdoor and to enjoy the fresh air.

Spring started a month ago, on the 1st day of September, but it's just now in October that we have warmer days. Living in a city full of events and activities to do means we should try those experiences that attract us the most and why not, we can plan some on our own too.

If you have just arrived in Melbourne, get ready for everything that is about to come up. Spring is perhaps the best season to be in this city because people can quickly adapt to the climate whether it's cold or hot, the two alternatives are available. Even the school days will be more fun (if it is any possible!). At Discover English, we will probably enjoy many outdoor walks, a Melbourne Cup themed party, and we guarantee that you will attend many barbecues and picnics with your classmates!

So, get ready to relish the sunny days and colours of spring because we have some recommendations for you:

1.       Tesselaar Tulip Festival

Almost a million tulips can be admired at the Tesselaar Tulip Festival. It is impossible to describe how amazing the colours are.  In addition to these flowers, you can find live entertainment and market stalls daily, tractor rides, performances, souvenirs and games for all tastes. The Tulip Festival will be on until 14 October.

2.   Get stunned by the Eureka Skydeck view

A unique spot to see Melbourne and getting the best views of the city and beyond. Eureka Skydeck 88 is a suspended deck almost 300 metres above the ground and from there, seeing the sunset is astonishing. You must be sure to bring your camera with you.

3.      Visit the Yarra Valley

If you hire a car, you can find Yarra Valley -a place which is home to more than 80 wineries, only a few hours driving from Melbourne CBD. Yarra Valley is renowned for producing Australia’s finest pinot noir and sparkling wines.  Alongside vineyards, you will find apple and pear farms, strawberry fields, olive groves, herb farms, grazing pastures and many more farm producers.

4.   Spring Racing Carnival

Spring Racing Carnival showcases some of the globe’s greatest equine athletes. The event began on the 1st day of September, and it will be closing with the Ballarat Cup at the end of November. Even when racing is the central theme, this unique spectacle is also about horses and jockeys, entertainment, food and fashion.

5.   Spring Fling Street Festival

We are ready to enjoy the 41st annual Spring Fling Street Festival. On October 21, the locals of North and West Melbourne are gearing up to hit the historic Errol Street with pop-up markets, street food, beer gardens, entertainment, the adorable Spring Fling Dog Show and plenty of exciting offerings from local businesses. Undoubtedly, a fantastic opportunity to explore that part of the city as well.

6.   Discover the parks.

Melbourne is a fantastic city if you want to wander around and get in touch with nature. In spring the weather is perfect to do so. You can enjoy the sun, arrange a picnic, run with your dog, and go out with family and friends. The options are unlimited, and the landscape is beautiful.


Spring is just the beginning. We are waiting for many days of sun and heat to appreciate this beautiful city also in Summer. Think of everything you can do to enjoy the weather.


Welcome Spring!


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