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Discover English How to improve your English 03 Dec 2015

Today's helpful tip is about Shadowing. What is "shadowing" you ask? Well you are about to find out!
One of our teachers, Ali, uses this method in his classes and some of his students have had great results. It is a technique used among many language learners and in classrooms all over the world. 

So here is how it works. While you are listening to English audio (a podcast, a conversation between two people, a radio segment, a film etc), you attempt to repeat, or to "shadow", what you hear as quickly as you hear it.Not only does it help with your listening skills, but your pronunciation too. Start off with shadowing for only a few minutes, then gradually build up to the point where you can comfortably shadow for a longer period of time. 
You can try this technique any time and any place! On the tram to school, listen to someone talking on the phone and shadow them. At home, listen to a podcast about your favourite sports channel and shadow. Just don't shadow your teacher when they are talking to you!

Here are some websites where you can find material to shadow:

BBC Learning English - The English We Speak

Learning English, British Council

If you have a smartphone and have the Podcasts app, there are many useful apps such as:

6 Minute English 
Everyday English
Luke's English Podcast
Living English

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