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The Business English course has a lot of discussions and debates!

After graduating from university, I worked as a Sales & Marketing officer at a trading company in Japan for about 4 years. I travelled overseas on business trips 3-4 times a year. I like talking with people and using my English through my work in Japan. I decided to take the Business English course at Discover English as it will help me a lot in communication with business partners. English used in business is based on what I can learn from a General English course, but unlike everyday conversation, it requires special and more formal phrases and format as well. We make presentations about business regularly in class. As part of that, we explained how we approach when we start a business in our own country. It was interesting that the methods are sometimes similar to Japan and sometimes completely different from Japan. I could see business opportunities by learning those differences throughout the presentation. Instead of learning grammar from the textbook like General English course, the Business English course has more discussions and debates which I believe is practical for real business. It also helped me a lot to understand new words and grammar easily. What is more, I enjoyed learning cultural differences, global way of thinking and different business method/approach.

Everything was better than I had thought!

"Last month, July was a different month in my life. After many years without studying English, I decided to try to improve what I had learned in the past. At the beginning, I was worried because I thought that it would be difficult to follow the classes and maybe they would be boring. Fortunately, everything was better than I had thought. The classes and the dynamics were funny and it was a good opportunity to remember some rules and to learn more. It was a good experience to live with so many different people from different countries and cultures too. This is my last week in this class and I’d like to say that I enjoyed it very much and I will miss everybody!"


I enjoyed the Business English class a lot, it was exactly what I was looking for!

"Thanks for the great time! I enjoyed the Business English class very much. It was exactly what I was looking for - the level is fine, the topics are very interesting and helpful to people who work in business. All teachers are extremely helpful and also offer some pieces of advice about what to do in Melbourne, how to improve your reading, how to get in contact with other people or even which TED Talk is interesting and informative. Everyday I learnt something new and exciting"

The IELTS course was my biggest challenge, however, I achieved a 7.0 score!

“Discover English is an excellent institute where I could achieve all the goals that I dreamt of when I was in Colombia. After finishing my General English Advanced course, I continued with Business English and this gave me the opportunity to understand the business world more. The IELTS course was my biggest challenge. However, it was due to my teachers’ help and everything I learnt during the preparation course at Discover English that I obtained a 7.5 score overall in my General IELTS test and 7.0 score overall in the Academic IELTS test. These successful results allowed me to start a Master in Project Management at Victoria University and this will undoubtedly help me to upgrade my professional career”.


Estefania Colombia IELTS PREPARATION