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Discover English volunteering programs give opportunities for our students to engage with the local community and broaden their cultural and environmental awareness. We are currently searching for volunteers to join the March project - The Melbourne Weekend to End Women's Cancers

Some of the Discover English initiatives that enhance student experience include:

  • Teaching Assistant Programs
  • The Conservation Volunteer Program
Environmental and wildlife conservation

Since June 2012, number of our students have joined various environmental and wildlife conservation projects. Volunteering in these projects is a fantastic way to experience Australia, see regional Victoria and have close contact with nature. Students engage with local community, meet volunteers from different nationalities and ages

The Ride to Conquer Cancer Volunteer / The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers program

Every year, dozens of our students volunteer in these charity events. It was a life changing experience for the participants who not only worked effectively in a large charity event but were donating their time to a good cause.


My 5 months at Discover English were wonderful and memorable. I met so many talented teachers whose classes were very unique and intriguing, lovely friends from everywhere in the world, and I will be friends with them for the rest of my life. Also, Discover English staff were friendly and looked after me so well. During my study, I joined the charity event for cancer as a volunteer, which allowed me to meet wonderful people. The tasks were not easy and I had to sleep in a tent for the first time in my life, but it was surely one of the best experiences outside of school life.

Miyabi Shinkai Japan