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The Rainbow Breakfast Club is a social welfare program catering specifically to international students who are part of the queer and gender diverse community.

The RBC is a series of 6 events that will consist of:

  • a free healthy breakfast to promote good physical health
  • guided discussion on gender diverse issues to help ease loneliness and isolation for vulnerable students
  • guest speakers from the gender diverse international student community
  • free yoga sessions.

We invite all international students, especially those who identify as LGBT, queer or gender diverse, to attend the RBC - the events will be held over a period of six to twelve months at Discover English in the Melbourne CBD.

This program will offer a safe and supportive social environment for students to gain an understanding of the local queer community, foster strong friendships, learn the language of their identities and provide a platform for members to discuss their needs and issues with regards to sexuality.

The First Event

When: 22nd September, 2017 - 7:30am - 8:30am

Where: Room 5.01, Discover English 247 Collins Street

What: Breakfast, presentations from representatives of RIS’N (TBC)

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