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Here at Discover English we care about our students and understand the difficulties of navigating new cultures, countries and languages - especially for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT). That’s why Discover English is proud to support those students and strive for making our school a safe place for everyone.

That’s why we’ve started a few initiatives at Discover English - amongst the first of their kind in Melbourne, and even across Australia. Rainbow Connections, our first major initiative, is a social welfare program for international students who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or identify in any way as queer or gender diverse.

Rainbow Connections aims to promote good mental health and facilitates making community connections amongst the LGBT international student body. Meeting people and making friends in a foreign country is difficult enough but challenges like these are much bigger for marginalised groups. Rainbow Connections provides a space for students to hang out, relax, get information about services, programs and events in Melbourne for the queer community.

Each event we host provides some healthy snacks, a chance to eat and chat with students from all over Melbourne and occasionally a yoga workshop! Every Rainbow Connection event is totally free and open to ALL international students across Melbourne (not just Discover students!)

The volunteers who run Rainbow Connections are staff at Discover English who are used to working with international students and so understand difficult issues like cultural and language barriers. They are open-minded, caring and here to help you.


Rainbow Connections is a safe space for queers and allies.

Check out the Program Events on our Facebook Fan Page or join our public group to stay up to date!