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Student Ambassador Program

Discover English is dedicated to enhancing a friendly and supportive school community. We feel the DE Ambassadors will enable students to bond more closely with our school. In addition, the programme will increase self-esteem as well as peer acceptance by gaining communication and leadership experience as the Ambassadors will be involved in student support related activities and meetings.

Position Summary

Position title: Discover English Ambassador

Classification: Volunteer

Internal relationships: Student Support (Junka Steinert & Mina Obana) / Academic Management (Tegan McCarthy)

Position Statement

The position provides support to new students and helps them settle into the organisation of our school. The Ambassadors ensure our new students have a welcoming experience from the very beginning and follow up on the current students' concerns in an ongoing way.

Desirable Requirements

  • Upper-intermediate level of English
  • You must have been studying at Discover English for at least four weeks
  • You must have a minimum of ten weeks left

Skills & Motives

  • You are genuinely interested in helping new students and making them feel at home
  • You are prepared to provide some of your time to be an informal source of information for new and current students
  • You are open-minded and committed to being a DE Ambassador
  • You have great communication skills
  • You have excellent interpersonal skills 
  • You have a willingness to learn

Key tasks/responsibilities

  • Helping new students integrate with the school's dynamic by being a supportive peer
  • Assisting during Orientation on Mondays to introduce yourself or even to translate if there are any Elementary level students present
  • Taking new students to a city tour/school tour and other activities, e.g. Melbourne Museum, Aquarium, Bar Hopping, and actively participate in the school's activities.
  • Providing new students with essential information, i.e. responding to everyday-questions
  • Being available for about one hour per week to assist, to counsel, to encourage, to advise, etcetera (on Fridays and Mondays).
  • Promoting/taking part in all sorts of social activities at Discover English, face to face and on social media.
  • Generating new ideas such as sports activities/contests, themed days, etc.

Benefits & Incentives

  • An additional certificate from Discover English on graduation
  • A formal written reference letter from Academic Management for your professional portfolio
  • Development of valuable leadership and teamwork skills
  • Improvement of English communication skills
  • A special badge to wear at school
  • A movie voucher (after ten weeks of participation)
  • The chance to contribute to the community of international students

How to apply                

  • Complete the application form (you can hand it out at reception or send it by email)
  • Provide an endorsement letter from your teacher
  • Write a short statement about WHY you want to participate

Contact for application            

Mina Obana,