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“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."

We believe that teacher quality is the Discover English difference. We do everything we can to employ, retain and develop only the best English teachers available because we believe that what students want more than anything else is a great teacher. Our teachers create a fun, friendly and safe classroom environment where you can progress at your own pace or reach the academic goal of your choosing. We encourage innovation in the classroom. We encourage the use of different methodologies, mediums and teaching techniques. Our academic managers work hard to create a collegial staffroom that produces a positive and happy group of teachers who are always willing to help their students. We aim, not just to teach, but to inspire!


All our teachers are fully qualified, experienced and dedicated to teaching English as a second language. You will gain exposure to a world of English accents through teachers that come from Australia, Britain, the United States, South Africa and New Zealand.

  • Lucy Maddox Discover English Senior Teacher

    Lucy has several years of experience teaching English in Korea, the UK, and now Australia. She has a bachelor’s degree in linguistics as well as a CELTA qualification. She moved to Australia in 2011 from the United States and she also studied abroad in Japan and Argentina, so she understands the needs and goals of international students

    Lucy has experience teaching all levels from Elementary to Advanced as well as Cambridge courses, and she works hard to help students make the most of their time at Discover English. She loves teaching and finds her students to be extremely fascinating and inspiring people!

    In addition to teaching regular classes, Lucy also teaches free Discover Extra! classes in the afternoon and is available most days for extra help in the library.


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  • Steve Hjerrild Discover English Teacher

    Steve is from the west coast of the U.S. but moved away in 2008 and has no immediate plans to return. He has taught in Vietnam, China, and the U.K. but Melbourne is now Steve’s favourite place on the planet. 


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  • Patrick Ramsay Discover English Teacher

    Pat started his teaching career ten years ago after living and working with Korean and Japanese backpackers and discovering he had a special talent for communicating across languages and cultures. Pat has been teaching English for 8 years in both Melbourne and Vietnam. 


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  • Kate Hill Discover English Teacher

    Kate has been teaching ESL for the last 5 years and thoroughly enjoys developing a rapport with her students and making her classroom fun and engaging. She has a keen interest in art, craft and Australian Rules football and often brings these cultural elements into her classroom.


    AFL Ceramics and art

  • Gabriele Mentz Discover English Teacher

    Gabrielle has been teaching for ages! She’s taught in South Africa, Taiwan and Australia. She enjoys teaching lower levels as she loves seeing students rapidly progress. In her free time she designs handbags. She also rides a motorcycle!!


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  • Kim Granic Burenkova Discover English Teacher

    Kim has worked as an ESL Teacher in the adult sector since 1993 and is experienced in teaching all levels from beginners to professionals, including English for Academic Purposes and IELTS & OET preparation.  


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  • Bernie Pangilinan Discover English Teacher

    Bernie has several years experience teaching English in Sydney and Melbourne. She completed her Bachelor of Music in 2012 at the Australian Institute of Music in Sydney. She’s also completed her CELTA qualification.

    Bernie moved to Melbourne in early 2013 and loves the relaxed vibe and culture and beautiful atmosphere of Melbourne.

    As well as teaching English, Bernie’s other great passion is music – specifically singing – and one of her dreams it to travel while sharing her music with others.

    Bernie loves getting to know the students at Discover English and helping them with their language and academic goals


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  • Elinor Griffith Discover English Teacher

    Elinor first began teaching in Corsica, France in 2005 in a secondary school as a language assistant for the British Council. She has since continued to teach in schools in both France and Spain and most recently, Australia. Her experience working abroad and with learning other languages helps her to understand students and to incorporate this experience into her classroom teaching.

    Elinor loves teaching here at Discover English and is very happy to have made Melbourne her home. She is also passionate about travel, language learning and rather more unusually, mediaeval history in which she has a Masters from the University of St Andrews, Scotland. Since embarking on her teaching career Elinor was pleased to find that it has proved to be both interesting and highly enjoyable and she looks forward to meeting any new students in the English for Academic Purposes course that she teaches.


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  • Steve Baggaley Discover English Teacher

    From Melbourne, Steve has been teaching in the ESL industry for more than 15 years. His experience crosses continents, having taught in Japan for 3 years and Melbourne for more than 10. Teaching a variety of nationalities and assisting people from different cultures has been a motivating factor in Steve's commitment to English teaching.


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  • Russel McGilton Discover English Teacher

    Russell has been an English teacher practitioner for over eight years. He has extensive experience both in Australia and abroad and brings a unique perspective to his teaching with his background in writing and theatre. Since arriving back in Australia his enthusiasm has only been further fuelled by the great staff and students at Discover English.


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  • Natasha Perczuk Discover English Teacher

    I've been teaching for 7 years. I was a primary school teacher for 3 years in Sydney and 2 years in London. I've taught ESL for the last 2 years in Melbourne at Discover English. I love teaching ESL because it gives me the opportunity to learn about other cultures every day and no two days are ever the same, so I'm constantly challenged. I'm enjoying living in Melbourne as it allows me to cycle everyday and there's always a different festival/event to go to at the weekends.


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  • Melinda Sung Discover English Teacher

    Milly loves working with international students and helping people to enjoy travelling and learning about other cultures. She has worked in the tertiary education sector and education development for over ten years, both in Australia and overseas. She has travelled extensively in Europe and Asia and North America, and has now settled in Melbourne and started a family. In 2013 she began teaching General English at Discover English and it is her favourite job to date.


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  • Mark Whitehead Discover English Teacher

    Having graduated from university with a degree in Communications (Public Relations), Mark first developed a taste for ESL teaching when he left Australia in 1994 to spend a year teaching in Chong Ju, South Korea. On his return to Australia, he was offered a position within the foundation programme of a regional university and subsequently transferred to its international campus in Sydney. After moving to a private college, he was offered a position managing an ESL college in Far North Queensland. After three years in tropical Cairns, Mark moved back to Melbourne and returned to his first love, teaching. In 2006, wanderlust struck again and Mark relocated to Osaka, Japan, where he remained teaching specialised programmes until 2013. Now back in his beloved Melbourne, Mark is proud to be a member of the Discover English team and truly enjoys coming to work each day.

    When asked about his philosophy of teaching, Mark said “Every student is different, just as every teacher is different and it is this difference which makes us the same, do you follow? You see, you can fit a square peg in a round hole, if you push hard enough. That is the miracle of learning, right there.”

    Mark loves grammar and has a passion for teaching within exam preparation programmes, especially Cambridge and IELTS courses.


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  • Leigh Taylor Discover English Teacher

    Leigh started ESL teaching in 2005 after many years in Media administration. Her first teaching role was in Prague, the Czech Republic, where she worked for 18 months for the Caledonian School teaching Business English and General English from Elementary to Advanced levels, in both one-to-one and classroom situations. Leigh found this experience to be extremely rewarding and enjoyable. Since then Leigh has taught in Melbourne, and has been with Discover English since October 2010, teaching Business English and General English. She has also had some classroom experience teaching IELTS Preparation and English for Academic Purposes (EAP). Leigh feels very fortunate to do the work that she does, and says “Discover English is a great school, due to the interesting and wonderful students, and to the excellent management team and teachers who make being at work a pleasure”.


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  • Drew Hancock Discover English Teacher

    Drew has lived and taught English in a number of countries for nearly two decades. He currently teachers in Discover English’s Cambridge program where he derives great professional satisfaction from helping his students achieve their academic goals.


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  • Alexis O'Donoghue Discover English Teacher

    Alexis has been an English teacher since 2008. She is also a high school and primary school teacher and has an extensive understanding of contemporary educational methodologies including the communicative method which she users at Discover English. Alexis enjoys working with students from diverse backgrounds and cultures and is particularly aware of her role as inculturator and as such she incorporates a wide range of authentic materials and multimedia texts in her lessons.


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The staff at Discover English have had a long history of professional collaboration and are proud to come together to form the Discover Dream Team! We have worked together not only in various other institutions in Melbourne but also overseas.
  • Joanna Kelly Chief Executive Officer

    Over a decade of experience in the international education sector, working both domestically and overseas, has prepared Joanna well for the challenges that Discover English provides. Jo brings a combination of enthusiasm, empathy and passion to her role at Discover English, which stems from her personal experience immigrating to Australia to study in 2003.

    Her short visit to Melbourne over 10 years ago turned into a life changing experience and Jo has lived here ever since. Jo loves the relaxed lifestyle that Australia has to offer and she has made many international friends over the years.

    Completing her masters in Marketing & Management has given Jo a high degree of insight into the business of education. Jo is an open and friendly communicator and enjoys helping students reach their full potential during their time at Discover English.

    Jo is a bit of a workaholic and feels very proud to be part of an amazing team here at Discover English!


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  • Janine Rainbow Academic Manager

    Janine has worked as an English teacher since 2002 and has been an Academic Manager for the last five years. She has taught in China and Spain and in various schools in Australia. She loves her job!! ‘Discover is such a wonderful school to work at because the students here are really motivated to learn English and are also interested in seeing places in and around Melbourne and experiencing Australian culture.

    Janine is very proud of the teaching team at Discover and is confident students who come to study here will really benefit from the wide range of backgrounds the teachers come from as well as the diverse range of methodologies they use in the classrooms.

    Janine welcomes getting to know students who come and study at Discover and is free to discuss academic matters anytime.


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  • Pip Linney-Barber Assistant Academic Manager

    After working as an Academic Pip completed a CELTA qualification in 2007 and in 2012 he successfully undertook a Graduate Diploma in International Language Teaching Management (IDLTM). Pip has worked in the ESL industry since 2007 both as a teacher and in academic management.

    He has travelled extensively and is acutely aware of the social and cultural demands of living in a foreign country. As Discover English’s Assistant Academic Manager Pip’s job is to ensure that all teachers have at their disposal everything they need to deliver high quality professional English classes on a day by day basis and to maintain the school’s mission which is to place students and student needs first and foremost.


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  • Junka Steinert Student Support Services

    Junka has worked in the English education industry since 2004 with experience in both Australia and Japan. Having grown up in Japan, and with English as her second language, Junka understands the hopes and needs of international students studying away from home. Her experience working abroad and with learning another language helps her to understand students and to be able to assist them more readily

    Junka adopted Melbourne as her home in 2006 and is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge with Discover English students and assisting them in any way. She believes that the extra student support services at Discover English will truly benefit the student and ensure they discover all that Melbourne has to offer.


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  • Juliana Villa Ortiz Marketing & Recruitment

    Juliana has worked in the International education industry for almost 7 years, in both offshore and onshore markets. She has a passion for this industry that makes her a perfect fit in the select team here at Discover English. Working for offshore and onshore markets has given Juliana a wide range of experience and knowledge about the industry, students and agents.

    Juliana completed her degree in marketing here in Australia; hence she has experienced being an international student. She knows how students feel when they are far from family and friends and can empathise with the types of problems they may have.

    She is excited to be part of this amazing team, and hopes to build an excellent relationship with every single Discover English student, agent and pathway provider.


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  • Yoshiko Yamada Business Development and Admissions

    Yoshiko has been working in the international education industry since 2004, both in Australia and abroad, and she brings a wealth of experience to Discover English. She loves Discover English's environment where all students, teachers and staff are friendly and close-net, like a family.

    'The best part of this job is meeting new people and developing long-term relationships which often turns into friendships'.

    Yoshiko has also travelled around Australia and is thrilled to give travel advice to others. She has lived in Melbourne since 2007 and she enjoys travelling and seeing other cities. Yoshiko loves Melbourne and is happy living in this energetic and abundant city.


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  • Brian Lin Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator

    Brian is originally from Taiwan and has studied in Taiwan, China and Australia. He has been working in the education industry since 2005, in both education agency and schools. His favourite part of the job is to talk with students from diverse cultural background and assist them to achieve their goals.

    His favourite quote: “in order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure”.


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