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“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."

We believe that teacher quality is the Discover English difference. We do everything we can to employ, retain and develop only the best English teachers available because we believe that what students want more than anything else is a great teacher. Our teachers create a fun, friendly and safe classroom environment where you can progress at your own pace or reach the academic goal of your choosing. We encourage innovation in the classroom. We encourage the use of different methodologies, mediums and teaching techniques. Our academic managers work hard to create a collegial staffroom that produces a positive and happy group of teachers who are always willing to help their students. We aim, not just to teach, but to inspire!


All our teachers are fully qualified, experienced and dedicated to teaching English as a second language. You will gain exposure to a world of English accents through teachers that come from Australia, Britain, the United States, South Africa and New Zealand.

  • Tam Kendi Discover English Teacher

    Tam has travelled the world from a young age and through this, he naturally gained an appreciation and understanding of intercultural communication. He worked in journalism and marketing for several years before he decided to change his career path.  He has always gained satisfaction through the sharing of knowledge, which is why he decided to become an English teacher.

    He enjoys communicative classroom teaching and finds fulfilment in assisting students in improving their writing. He thinks the key to learning language is not just through books, but a healthy balance of real life communication. 


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  • Mark Whitehead Discover English Teacher

    Having graduated from university with a degree in Communications (Public Relations), Mark first developed a taste for ESL teaching when he left Australia in 1994 to spend a year teaching in Chong Ju, South Korea. On his return to Australia, he was offered a position within the foundation programme of a regional university and subsequently transferred to its international campus in Sydney. After moving to a private college, he was offered a position managing an ESL college in Far North Queensland. After three years in tropical Cairns, Mark moved back to Melbourne and returned to his first love, teaching.

    In 2006, wanderlust struck again and Mark relocated to Osaka, Japan, where he remained teaching specialised programmes until 2013. Now back in his beloved Melbourne, Mark is proud to be a member of the Discover English team and truly enjoys coming to work each day.  Mark loves grammar and has a passion for teaching within exam preparation programmes, especially Cambridge courses."


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  • Alexis O'Donoghue Discover English Teacher

    Alexis has been an English teacher since 2008. She is also a high school and primary school teacher and has an extensive understanding of contemporary educational methodologies including the communicative method which she users at Discover English. Alexis enjoys working with students from diverse backgrounds and cultures and is particularly aware of her role as inculturator and as such she incorporates a wide range of authentic materials and multimedia texts in her lessons.


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  • Steve Baggaley Discover English Teacher

    From Melbourne, Steve has been teaching in the ESL industry for more than 15 years. His experience crosses continents, having taught in Japan for 3 years and Melbourne for more than 10. Teaching a variety of nationalities and assisting people from different cultures has been a motivating factor in Steve's commitment to English teaching.


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  • Ali Shahsavand Discover English Teacher

    Ali has taught for just over 17 years in Iran, Dubai and Australia. He has also worked as an IELTS Examiner, head teacher and a teacher trainer. He has a particular interest in language learning through technology, in particular smartphone applications and online teaching, in order to enhance communication and collaboration and make learning relevant.

    He actively attends annual ELT conferences as a presenter; some of the recent ones are EA Conference 2015, where he presented on ways of preparing PTE Academic candidates. And then Victoria University PD session on WhatsApp in education. The most recent was IELTA, where he delivered a session on making assignments relevant to real life. Another field he is interested in is IELTS and PTE Academic preparation courses.


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  • Russel McGilton Discover English Teacher

    Russell has been an English teacher practitioner for over eight years. He has extensive experience both in Australia and abroad and brings a unique perspective to his teaching with his background in writing and theatre. Since arriving back in Australia his enthusiasm has only been further fuelled by the great staff and students at Discover English.


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  • Leigh Taylor Discover English Teacher

    Leigh started ESL teaching in 2005 after many years in Media administration. Her first teaching role was in Prague, the Czech Republic, where she worked for 18 months for the Caledonian School teaching Business English and General English from Elementary to Advanced levels, in both one-to-one and classroom situations. Leigh found this experience to be extremely rewarding and enjoyable. Since then Leigh has taught in Melbourne, and has been with Discover English since October 2010, teaching Business English and General English. She has also had some classroom experience teaching IELTS Preparation and English for Academic Purposes (EAP).

    Leigh feels very fortunate to do the work that she does, and says “Discover English is a great school, due to the interesting and wonderful students, and to the excellent management team and teachers who make being at work a pleasure”.


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  • Tayla Stielow Discover English Teacher

    Upon completing her degree in Interior Design Tayla realised that this was unfortunately not her passion. She took a year off travelling through Europe and Central America and decided to make the switch to teaching. Tayla has been teaching ESL in Melbourne for almost three years and loves seeing students improve through hard work and dedication. 

    Along with her first language of English, Tayla also speaks German and says that language learning keeps her grounded and empathetic towards student needs. Despite spending a considerable amount of time abroad, Tayla has not yet taught overseas but would love to have the opportunity to do so in the future. 

    On top of her language studies, Tayla enjoys food and wine and thinks Melbourne is the perfect cultural hub to relish in these.


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  • Tina Prasad Discover English Teacher

    Tina moved to Indonesia for 6 years as a teenager and this is where she gained her first experience as an ESL teacher.  She returned to Australia to complete her university degree in Communications and Tourism.  After graduating, Tina worked in various hospitality and event management roles.  None of these positions provided her with the same level of satisfaction as her initial teaching experience so she decided to return to her first passion, teaching English.   

    In her spare time Tina enjoys a good happy hour with friends and discussing deep space exploration.


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  • Dean Giampaolo Discover English Teacher

    Dean is a passionate language learner. He speaks French, German, a little Italian and has recently begun learning Greek, a language he was surrounded by growing up in the multi-cultural suburb of Brunswick in Melbourne’s inner north.

    After graduating with a BA from the University of Melbourne, his career has been varied and includes administration, editing, copywriting, recruitment and horticulture.

    Dean is a passionate gardener and lover of animals. He has three cats, four chooks, a rabbit and a frog. When he’s not teaching or studying languages, he enjoys cooking and collecting Art Deco and 60s and 70s bric-a-brac.

    Dean began teaching at Discover English in January 2018. He has fallen in love with the college and feels very fortunate to be part of such a highly skilled and professional team. Dean currently teaches elementary and pre-intermediate classes. Seeing his students from diverse backgrounds begin to truly communicate is a daily source of satisfaction and inspiration for him.


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  • Eric Henshall Discover English Teacher

    Eric has been teaching at Discover since 2015 and, having grown up in Melbourne, is a true local. He is a very creative person and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from the Victorian College of Art. Eric is a part-time teacher and part-time artist holding exhibitions throughout the year in local galleries.

    He loves vintage and unusual bric-a-brac; he also has a great eye for design. You'll know Eric by his distinctive style - he even makes his own clothes!


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  • Matthew Couper Discover English Teacher

    Matthew is currently teaching English for Academic Purposes for the Upper-Intermediate level at Discover. His professional experience as an ESOL teacher includes three and a half years in Korea, reason why he’s also fluent in Korean.

    Matt has a degree in English from the University of Perth and a CELTA certificate obtained in Perth as well. He usually enjoys painting, and he calls himself a footy fan, especially when it comes to supporting the West Coast Eagles!


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  • Kim Granic Burenkova Discover English Teacher

    Kim has worked as an ESL Teacher in the adult sector since 1993 and is experienced in teaching all levels from beginners to professionals, including English for Academic Purposes and IELTS & OET preparation.  


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  • Jon Mohan Discover English Teacher

    Jon graduated university with a degree in Business Management and worked in banking and finance for 6 years before making the switch into teaching English and has never looked back.

    Alongside teaching he is a DJ, is part of a band and helps run an IT business. In his spare time, he loves a good drink, travel and some lively discussion. 



  • Yvette Turner Discover English Teacher

    Yvette has been teaching at Discover since 2017. Before she began teaching she completed a BFA in acting and theatre making and a BA in cinema & cultural studies. She also has a diploma in Spanish but has forgotten everything... (If she had a teacher like her colleagues at Discover, she would be fluent).

    Yvette enjoys attempting to take the dryness out of grammar and adores it when a student unconsciously uses a new grammar point. 

    In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, travelling, seeing live music and seeing independent theatre. 


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  • Anne Tinkler Discover English Teacher

    Anne was originally born in Denmark but she moved to Scotland at the age of 10. She graduated in 2000 with a Masters in German and Spanish from the University of St Andrews in Scotland. She spent a year of her degree studying in Barcelona and this definitely gave her a taste for travelling. So much so that after she graduated, she became a flight attendant for 2 years traveling throughout Asia and America.

    In 2004 she moved to Melbourne. She worked in Marketing for an English language school and got an insight  into teaching that way. She decided to become an English teacher and help students with their English journey as she had been there herself at the age of 10. She got her Celta in 2010 and she's never looked back! She especially loves teaching the elementary students, who are new to Australia. In her spare tim, she loves spending time with her husband and 2 young boys, walking and sampling wine from our local Yarra Valley wineries.



  • Kate Hill Discover English Teacher

    Kate has been teaching ESL for the last 5 years and thoroughly enjoys developing a rapport with her students and making her classroom fun and engaging. She has a keen interest in art, craft and Australian Rules football and often brings these cultural elements into her classroom.


    AFL Ceramics and art

  • Vincent Clark Discover English Teacher

    Vincent has worked as a volunteer with an NGO in Cambodia, helping English teachers and university students to improve their English skills. This experience in Cambodia, and his past experience teaching archaeology and history at university, has inspired him to become an ESL teacher in Melbourne. He loves learning about the varied cultural backgrounds of his students and really enjoys the challenge of helping them to discover the English language.

    Vincent continues to pursue his interests in archaeology and history and to be involved in volunteer work in Cambodia. In his spare time he enjoys travel, gardening, walking, reading and experiencing Melbourne’s multi-cultural diversity.


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The staff at Discover English have had a long history of professional collaboration and are proud to come together to form the Discover Dream Team! We have worked together not only in various other institutions in Melbourne but also overseas.
  • Joanna Kelly Chief Executive Officer

    Over a decade of experience in the international education sector, working both domestically and overseas, has prepared Joanna well for the challenges that Discover English provides. Jo brings a combination of enthusiasm, empathy and passion to her role at Discover English, which stems from her personal experience immigrating to Australia to study in 2003.

    Her short visit to Melbourne over 10 years ago turned into a life changing experience and Jo has lived here ever since. Jo loves the relaxed lifestyle that Australia has to offer and she has made many international friends over the years.

    Completing her masters in Marketing & Management has given Jo a high degree of insight into the business of education. Jo is an open and friendly communicator and enjoys helping students reach their full potential during their time at Discover English.

    Jo is a bit of a workaholic and feels very proud to be part of an amazing team here at Discover English!


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  • Cameron Winton Academic Manager

    Born in England, Cameron moved out to Australia when he was 7 years old. Having dual-citizenship, and thus not likely to become the Prime Minister in the near future, after university he travelled back and forth to Europe for a while before falling in love with teaching and moving to Madrid in 2000. 

    He returned to Australia in 2003 and began teaching in Melbourne, where he taught all levels, all class types, including FCE, CAE and EAP, before doing the International Diploma in Language Teaching Management and becoming a Director of Studies. Since then he has worked in both the university and private language school sector, and he embraces the challenges that management brings. He also has a thorough knowledge of the IELTS exam, having had a lot of involvement with it in the past. 

    Cam's a keen cyclist, so he rides to work every day. rain hail or shine. He probably gets more exercise, though, chasing after his two young children. 



  • Tegan McCarthy Academic Coordinator

    Originally from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Tegan has been enduring the Melbourne weather since early 2015. Tegan has worked as a high school teacher in Brisbane and a primary school teacher in London as well as having taught ESL in Hanoi, London, Brisbane and Melbourne. Tegan has a bachelor degree in Creative Writing, a post-graduate diploma in Education, an International Diploma of Language Teaching Management and (most of!) a masters in Linguistics. Tegan frequently attends conferences and has spoken about teaching and teacher management in Sydney, Melbourne and Cyprus.

    Tegan loves living in Melbourne where she can enjoy live music and art exhibitions. She loves teaching her students to find humour in learning language through jokes and wordplay and would like to share this silly English joke with you:

    "What happened when the Past, Present and Future walked into a bar?
    It was tense."



  • Iris Lee Sr Marketing & Administration Manager

    Iris is originally from Korea and worked in the education industry over a decade both agency and school. As she was an international student, she can fully understand what international students want and hope for. 

    Iris is a friendly and open-minded person with a good sense of humour. She is also a good problem solver with lots of experience.  

    She loves travelling, watching movies and helping students. One of her secrets is she was a popular barista who cannot drink coffee!
    Her favourite proverb is:  "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today"

    She hopes to meet all of you at Discover English.  Let's Discover more!!


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  • Brian Lin Regional Marketing Manager

    Brian is originally from Taiwan and has studied in Taiwan, China and Australia. He has been working in the education industry since 2005, in both education agency and schools. His favourite part of the job is to talk with students from diverse cultural background and assist them to achieve their goals.

    His favourite quote: “in order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure”.


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  • Moe Sugiyama Regional Marketing Manager

    Moe visited Australia at first time as an exchange student in 2008 which was a life-changing experience to her. 

    After three years working experience in Japan and one year working holiday in Ireland she came back to Australia.

    As an international student, working holiday maker and education agent, Moe can fully understand the student and is keen to help them at any time.

    Moe is looking forward to seeing you all at Discover English.


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  • Germano Vieira Regional Marketing Manager

    Germano is from Brazil and studied in Brazil, USA, Argentina, Canada and Australia.  He has over ten years experience in the international education sector, working with the onshore and offshore market.

    Completing his MBA has given Germano the perfect skills for the Marketing Manager position. He is excited to be part of this amazing team and hopes to continue the excellent relationship that Discover English already has with its students, agents and pathway provider partners.


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  • Paulina Bravo Marketing & Communication Manager

    Paulina is a marketing professional who decided to take a break from her career to enhance her English language skills in Melbourne. She first worked in the education industry while simultaneously completing her Master of Marketing Research qualification in Mexico in 2007.

    The combination of her work history and status as a former Discover English student made Paulina a natural match to work with our Marketing and Administration departments. Paulina enjoys networking and possesses a great sensitivity to identify customer needs. These skills ensure she can help international students select the best options to meet their expectations, and make the most of their time in Melbourne.



  • Junka Steinert Student Support Services

    Junka has worked in the English education industry since 2004 with experience in both Australia and Japan. Having grown up in Japan, and with English as her second language, Junka understands the hopes and needs of international students studying away from home. Her experience working abroad and with learning another language helps her to understand students and to be able to assist them more readily

    Junka adopted Melbourne as her home in 2006 and is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge with Discover English students and assisting them in any way. She believes that the extra student support services at Discover English will truly benefit the student and ensure they discover all that Melbourne has to offer.


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  • Mina Obana Student Welfare & Support Officer

    Like many students at Discover English, Mina came to Australia on a working holiday visa in 2007. She studied English for six months in Melbourne and then completed a Diploma of Community Welfare and Certificate III in Aged Care in Australia. From her experience, as an international student, she understands the difficulty of living overseas without family and friends, not to mention studying and using a different language. Mina is continuing to expand her language skills and is currently studying Korean.

    Mina has a natural sense of caring for others and helping people in need. It is her job to assist students with their administrative needs, to help resolve problems and to build good rapport with our diverse student body.

    She has Bachelors of Social Work in Japan.


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  • Ploy Kittipunneeranat Administration Officer

    Ploy is from Thailand.  After completing her Bachelor of IT (MIS) and working as a Public Affairs Agent in Thailand, she made a big step in her life and planned her further study abroad. She first came to Australia in 2012 as an international student in sight of a new experience and to improve her English language skills.

    Ploy studied at Discover English and then completed her Master of Accounting in Melbourne.  She loves living in Melbourne where she has found a second home.

    Her journey and experiences in Australia, such as living abroad by herself with all its difficulties, made her really understand international students' needs, encouraging her to help them go through this experience. She also enjoys socialising and sharing fun stories with students.

    Ask her anything, she will help you find out!


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