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Discover English presents at 2015 English Australia conference.

Ali Shasavand, one our teachers at Discover English, gave a terrific presentation last week at the annual English Australia Conference, which was held in Brisbane this year. Ali has been teaching PTE preparation lessons over the last couple of months and wanted to share his experiences on how to best prepare students for this test.

Ali talked about shadowing, a technique to help students improve their pronunciation, intonation and fluency and perform better on the speaking components of the test. He also talked about getting students involved in a What's App group in order to share answers, analyse questions and provide each other with support.
Ali proudly shared a couple of success stories too, where students he'd coached had achieved above and beyond the scores they wanted.

Watching Ali's presentation, I felt entertained the whole time. He made me laugh, kept me interested and I learned a fact I wished I could be a student in one of his classes!