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Extra classes are FREE one-hour electives run twice a day at Discover English. Not only are the essential topics covered in our Extras program, but our newly revamped classes also include a wide range of fun and exciting subjects! Perfect your pronunciation, boost your grammar, hone your listening skills and enjoy interesting conversations in these punchy one hour lessons. Extra classes cater to all levels of English, are multidisciplinary and make use of a wide range of resources. *Extra classes are compulsory for the participants of Bildunsgurlaub scholarships.

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Morning and Afternoon Students
  • Pronunciation Power 

    Did you know spoken English has 44 different sounds? In this class you will learn how to make those sounds (with lots of correction and feedback) as well as improve your fluency, intonation and connected speech and how different accents affect pronunciation. Pronunciation Power is a great class to practice all your new sounds in a safe environment. Never let fear of mispronunciation hold you back from speaking again!

  • Look who's talkin'

    This class will give you stimulus to speak! In ‘Look who’s talking’ you will practice and perfect the art of conversation with role plays, debates, interviews, discussions and more! You will also do speaking activities responding to listening input – giving you the chance to hear different accents.

    This speaking focused class will help you to understand what to say (and how to say it!) in a variety of different contexts – from dating to café conversation and job interviews to presentations.

  • Writing Workshop

    In this workshop you will enhance the skills required to improve your written English. Learn how to peer and self-edit, identify errors and learn how to fix them yourself – giving you better writing for the longterm. For a perfect companion class, attend Homework Club and take your writing for further feedback. Writing Workshop is ideal for students going on to exam preparation or further tertiary study.


  • Word Builder 

    This class will not only boost your vocabulary but will also expose you to lots of Australian slang and special Aussie words. Alongside that, you will gain skills for remembering and retaining all the new words you learn. Increasing your English vocabulary will help your reading and listening skills. Word Builder is essential for any students wanting to improve their English more quickly or take exam preparation courses in the future.


  • Go Grammar

    English grammar is difficult! There are 12 tenses, many modal verbs, stacks of auxiliaries and lots of conditionals. In Go Grammar you will revise tricky grammar points and practice using them with different activities in pairs or small groups.

    Go Grammar is perfect for any student who needs to work on their grammar. So, go on, give it a go!