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  • Authentic educational and cultural experience
  • Meet and work with Australian families
  • Build life bonding relationship with hosting family

What is Demi-Pair

Demi-Pair is a full-time student and part-time Au-Pair with Permission to Work Visa.

Studying at Discover English and working part time as a Demi-Pair, you will have a genuine immersion in Australian culture. It will help to improve your English, and you will have the support and company of the family hosting you. You might enter in a lifelong bonding relationship with your hosting family. You will receive free accommodation and meals and earn some pocket money in exchange for 20 hours per week work (50% housework and 50% childcare).

Do I qualify?

Formally there is no qualification requirement; however it is common practice that anyone working with children should have paediatric first aid which we will provide.  A Working with children check is also required and can only be obtained personally in Australia.

Some families will have a preference for someone who has already had prior experience with children, other families might not require prior experience, as long as they see your profile as a good match for their families.

You should be able to communicate with the family, be able to make a phone call to the parents if required, and of course understand what the children are saying. We believe you need at least an intermediate English level.

How much does it cost?

The Demi-Pair placement fee* is $550 ($200 is not refundable) and it includes:

  • Profile assessment, interviews and matching with prospective family
  • Nanny Training + First Aid Certificate

A full day Nanny Training covers:

  • Understanding children (developmental stages from 0 to 10 years old)
  • Leadership (understanding and dealing with behaviour, promoting a positive environment, being prepared for the job)
  • Job safety
  • Professional behaviour
  • General care for babies and children (from feeding to bedtime)
  • Intensive Paediatric First Aid course (Including awareness of asthma, allergies, anaphylaxis, CPR, drowning, choking, fever and dehydration, and seizures) - Provided by an accredited Australian company. 


*It does not include English tuition. 



Students need to have Working with Children Check and own insurance. Intermediate English level required.


Minimum 4 months, 6 months preferable


6 - 8 weeks


The monthly activities calendar offers an exciting array of activities 7 days a week including: Salsa dancing, winery tours, weekend camping trips and sporting or cultural events.


Progress assessment is ongoing and includes weekly progress tests, regular review tests and a range of assignments, presentations and homework exercises.


Five hours a week of free extra classes are available to all students. Extra classes include: Pronunciation, TOEIC, Academic English, Vocabulary and Conversation.

Levelling up

As students have weekly assessments they have the opportunity to level up in any given week at Discover English.

Supervised Self-access

A teacher is in the library in supervised self-access periods to assist students with homework, resumes and questions from class.

Weekly Feedback

Teachers provide students with weekly feedback on their progress in one-to-one meetings and advise on how to improve in areas of weakness and build on current strengths.



“I never imagined how incredible my life would be working as a Demi-Pair and studying English in Melbourne. Currently, I live with an Australian family and I feel part of it thanks to the chemistry we have developed. I consider myself “the big sister” because I really enjoy the time I share with them, especially with the two children I take care of. This, along with my General English co?urse, has helped me to improve my English really quickly as I speak with locals at home and with people from all over the world in class. So, I’ve been able to learn a new language, a new culture, new traditions and meet so many interesting people too. Working and studying have not been a job, these are now part of my life and I would recommend everyone experience this in Melbourne”.

Jenifer Denis New Caledonia ENGLISH + DEMI-PAIR