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DE Students Students 07 Jun 2019

How bad is it to fail?

by Johan Zugala 

The Melbourne International Student Conference was a space that gave us the opportunity to share our experience as international students that came to Melbourne in order to develop some skills in the professional and personal context and talk about failure as a part of the process.

In fact, it is believed that failure is a negative concept and we try to avoid it all the time. But there is a bright side behind this concept, sometimes is the act of failure that moves us to start a something new in life, change something or make decisions that we thought impossible to make. According to Edwin Chaw, one of the speakers in the conference, it is normal to fail in life and probably after that the pressure of friends and family is going to make us feel that everything is bad but if we are focus on the goal we are able to work out a new method to archive it.

Sometimes the decision to travel abroad to study something such a master, certificates or a second language can be a consequence of failing. Many students share this story, after failing in some projects, business or even love, they find Australia as a good option to start again a go forward.

Melbourne is a city that gives us the opportunity to restart after failure. The education system, the support that the government offer, the multicultural context that give us a new perspective of the society, and more, are the perfect combination for write a new chapter in life after we fail, and I thing that is the main reason why many of us choose it as our new home away from home.

In conclusion, Melbourne is a city full of stories of people who have failed but also that people who have gotten over it and have found in this city a new way to start having clear their goals and finding new ways to archive them.

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