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DE Students Students 06 Jun 2019

Melbourne International Student Conference

By Ferit Tekbas



My thoughts on the Melbourne International Student Conference 


First, it was a fantastic experience to be a part of this professional organisation. Monash city Campus opened its facilities to host more than a hundred international and local students to support young people in their personal and professional development. Presenters from different work fields presented unforgettable memories to us during the conference. 


I have special thanks to Dr Elizabeth Snuggs, who gave us an excellent speech about career plans, ultimate goals and activities that can appeal to us after study. At this point, it was so exciting to listen to Shellye Archambeau (who is an influential American businesswoman). She had great points about risk-taking when we are students. We must take risks when we are planning the future, and there is nothing wrong with that.  


We also had a brainstorming group activity to put some essential factors helping us to improve our learning. Everyone told what helped them in their study and we put all on a big paper sheet and discussed their impacts. It was a valuable experience to learn new methods to improve ourselves; ‘Sharing is caring’. Following that, Tyson Day was on the platform. He is one of the most attractive presenters I have ever listened to. I gained many skills in 30 mins related to developing a network, social connections and career planning. I noticed that career design principles must be learned before entering the field.  


Overall, what I learned from the conference is life is a long journey with its challenges. We should learn how to turn challenges to real opportunities for self-growth, being positive and developing self-strengths and talents. 

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