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Tam Melbourne 14 Jan 2020

Facts about further study in Australia

by Tam Kendi


Ever wondered why so many students are choosing to undertake their further study in Australia? Here are some reasons why:


Six Australian universities are in the top 100 in the world!          
These include The University of Melbourne, and Monash University – both located here in Melbourne. Both universities offer a huge range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that are recognised worldwide.


Australian education is ranked among the best in the world.
According to the Education Index, published by the UN, Australia is listed as the second-highest in the world. This covers all education, from school all the way up to postgraduate degrees.


Australia is one of the most popular destinations for international students
Despite being a country with a small population, Australia sits just behind the UK and USA as the third most popular destination for international students.


Our cities standard of living is very high
All major Australian cities (by population) rank very highly in liveability. Melbourne is the most liveable city in Australia, and one of the most liveable in the world. It also tops the ranking for the best student city in Australia.


You can work while you study
The Australian government allows international students on student visas to undertake part time work during their study. This makes Australia a very competitive place to study as other destinations, like the U.S. do not allow students to work on their student visas.


If you are interested in researching your options, take a look at our further study page. Discover English has a range of agreements in place with different education institutes offering certificates, diplomas and degrees at various levels. Most courses require you to study Academic English, and allow direct entry on completion of one of these courses.

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