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Ana Jimena How to improve your English 15 Aug 2019

Learn while you sing

 “The only thing better than singing is more singing.” – Ella Fitzgerald

Singing in the shower is one of the most common habits people share around the world. It doesn't matter which culture you belong to, singing is always important. 

And of course, when thinking about learning a new language, music is certainly magic.

It has been proven that learning through music has massive benefits such as stress-relief, improved brain development, social skills and self-confidence. Singing a song you love makes you happy, it fills you with energy and realise that while having fun you are also learning. 

Just remember, having a good voice is not important in this case, just feeling the music and repeating it as much as you can. Now that you know it, I'm sure you can't wait to start learning while you sing, here I have 5 recommendations for you.


1. Find something you like. The whole point about this is having fun, so you must choose a singer and a song that you love. It is also important that you choose songs whose vocalists sing clearly and it is possible for you to understand each word.


2. Choose songs according to your level. Even when you should use a dictionary in case you don’t know the meaning of each word, it is better if you start singing something you understand. That will make it easier and more fun. However, challenge yourself every time, when you feel it is too easy for you. 

3. Practise in karaoke. You can have your own karaoke at home, or you can go out with your friends and make this an exciting group experience. There are many options on the internet to find songs with subtitles, such as YouTube, Vimeo or Spotify. There are also some apps to do this, such as lirica and lyrics training among others; and of course, Melbourne has many amazing places to go and sing along.


4. Begin with subtitles but then, memorize the lyrics.  It is recommended reading the lyrics a few times first and once you understand the topic, you can sing them while feeling the words until you memorise the lyrics. If you can sing by memory it will be easy for you to understand other songs and it will help you to improve your listening skills.


5. Sing as much as you can. Bring your iPod or phone with you every time. Sing in the car, while you walk or in the shower. Try to repeat the words you struggle the most with. Singing will improve your speaking skills and will give you more confidence to do it.


Music is powerful, magic as I said before. Singing not only will make you improve, but it will also help you to see how joyful and fun learning English could be. And not to mention the good energy you will have if you spend the whole day singing.  Remember to make sure that the songs do not depress you, and that you enjoy them while sharing them with the people around you.



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